I saw a man.

The song playing was Rich Love by Seeb and One Republic. My one earphone was making me proud. I was bobbing my head to the chorus, "We've got some rich love," when the matatu stopped and I saw him. He had such an air of exhaustion about him. His shoulders were slumped, his movement lethargic... Continue Reading →

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Words In My Book.

I am a lot of things to a lot of different people. I am a brother, I am a son, I am a friend, I am probably a shoulder to lean on and I am also a story unfinished and a chapter closed in others' books. A couple of days ago I saw this pair... Continue Reading →


I've been gone for a while. I've done a lot of things. I've made new friends, explored new depths and even walked in a shuka in the rain( I absolutely killed the look btw). But I haven't stopped questioning myself. I have not stopped looking away from the mirror before making eye contact with the... Continue Reading →


She walked right onto the bus with a halting persistence. Her movements were slow and arthritic. Hers was the embodiment of age. The familiar scent of the old;warm,somewhat stale,earthy and comforting. She reminded me of my own grandmother, I wanted to take her hand in mine and ask her all the questions I had about... Continue Reading →

A story

Life is a beautiful story. Life is a blank canvas on which one splashes ink and calls it their own art. Love is when one looks at that art and sees it's beauty. When the splashes of ink create a pattern that touches you where hands can't, that reaches you where words are soon forgotten.... Continue Reading →


  It's not so much writer's block as a lack of contentment. Write, erase, write, erase. Oh how tedious repetition slowly becomes. Same bad taste of getting nothing done and I just might gag. The teenage mind is a marvelous thing. One day you're writing about yourself, after a few weeks you read your own... Continue Reading →

Hesitant Believer

Amazing poetry

Huggable Words

ryan-holloway-273158Do you believe in magic and fairytales, have you ever seen beauty in margins and minor details

Have you thought of surviving your own story, unless you mixed your handwriting with others’ glory

Are these falling angels the reason your conscious is always numb, are you even aware that a stranger in your own flesh is all you have become

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Back yourself.

There's a thin line between arrogance and confidence. You see there's always been those who set themselves apart by their work and those who work to set themselves apart. The ones born to be different and those who bore so much trying to be different. Its not all about looking at what your peeps are... Continue Reading →

Lost in my writing.

"I like it when I dissolve and immerse myself in a literary work. A masterpiece of death that isn't accompanied by tragedy and despair that makes me want to have hope. A collection of symbols on worn pages that make me come alive with another's heart beat and die at their hurt." He spoke slowly... Continue Reading →

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